Terms and confidentiality

Specific expressions used in these terms and conditions of use:

BA-HIT.COM or Website” is the website for which these terms and terms and conditions of use are set.

The Website reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions of use at its sole discretion and at any time if it deems it appropriate, it will add an announcement for changes to the terms and conditions of use on its Website.

SERVICES or FACILITIES” means any use of RSS feeds, and/or programs, and/or technologies, and/or downloads from ba-hit.com.

USER or CUSTOMER” means any individual who has used an RSS feed, and/or a program, and/or a technology, and/or downloaded anything from Ba-Hit.com. As long as he continues to use the Website it indicates his implicit acceptance of the changes in terms and conditions of use announced on the Website.


Depending on what is stated in the terms and conditions of use, the user receives from the Website a cancellable license, without exclusivity, which cannot be stopped or transferred, to post on the customer’s website and/or on his private computer specific designations and/or information, and/or active links, and/or promotional links that were chosen by him when he requested them from the Website.

The only condition is that nothing among the benefit data is changed, deleted, modified, or corrected. The Website has the intrinsic right at any time and without having to give a reason, to suspend, limit, and even cancel to a customer its access to services or part of them. It also has the intrinsic right to make any changes to them, the customer has no right to object to it.


The Website’s services are entirely protected by French laws and international conventions regarding copyright:

  1. Whether it is about property rights, the services themselves, titles, copyright, and any intellectual property incident to the benefits, as well as any reproduction or copy of these benefits, they are and still remain the sole property of Ba-Hit.com.
  2. In the event that the latter offers other technologies or programs related to the services, they will also be considered the sole property of the Website and the customer has no rights to them, they have not been licensed or sold.
  3. Any fee corresponding to services for which the Website has not explicitly and formally granted written permission to the user (as stated in Article 1) remains the sole property of Ba-Hit.com.


The responsibilities of the Customer wishing to use the services of the Website are as follows:

  • The user will not change, add, or deform anything to any downloaded service when it is displayed on the user’s website, except in the case where the latter has prior written authorization from Ba-Hit.com.
  • He commits to comply with the laws of the website as indicated in these terms and conditions, as well as any subsequent restriction, modification or limitation which may be required by the latter, with regard to presentation, employment or distribution of benefits by the user.
  • He commits to provide, if necessary, at the request of the Website a complete transcript of all the details and other information relating to the terms and conditions.
  • The user commits not to archive any services so that no other customer can use them after they have been removed from their website.
  • The customer will authorize the presentation of the links found in the services as well as their redirection to the website itself and all its pages.
  • He will clearly and visibly display on his website that it is Ba-Hit.com which provides all the services and that these are entirely the sole property of the Website which owns the copyright.
  • Except if he has written authorization from the latter, the customer may in no case, either directly or indirectly:
  • Use the services on any website that is directly or indirectly linked to pornography, nudity, indecency, or any medium whatsoever of the exploitation of minor children, as well as on any website that is linked from near or far to illegal activities that risk causing physical damage or harming a person or a group of people, as well as using them for any purpose that is offensive, obscene, false, defamatory or which would or could cause prejudice protecting or respecting the privacy of one or more persons.
  • He commits never to hide, erase or withdraw from the performances the annotations on property, credit, copyright and dates, the same commitment is valid for style, size, place, colors and anything else over which the website has exclusive ownership.
  • He commits not to copy, reproduce, change, translate, transmit to, communicate or publish in any way the entire services or part of them, he also commits to always display and never to delete the promotion link (s) that are part of the services.
  • He commits to never transfer or rent in any way, short or long term, the rights to benefits.
  • He commits not to post on his website anything which could indicate that a person other than Ba-Hit.com is the one who offers and distributes the services on his website, neither logo nor name of a trade, or mark whatsoever of another person that can be mistaken for the Website.

Ba-Hit.com is in no way responsible for the actions of the customer having any connection with its services. If it detects anything fraudulent, illegal, misleading, or otherwise prohibited, it will see this as a reason to terminate its agreement and its terms and conditions of use with the user.

The latter is prohibited from concealing his identity, confusing, or preventing the proper functioning of services. If the latter uses the services for anything outside of what is agreed in the license which is presented in the general conditions of use, whether it is for piracy, deception, lying, falsification, of the use of scripts, publication, changes, use of robots on any part of the services, the Website will have the right to decide all the appropriate means it wants to use to sanction it.


According to its declaration Ba-Hit.com can vouch that it is the sole owner of the services it grants to the customer with permission to display them on his website. It is Ba-Hit.com alone who owns the intellectual property, trademark, copyright, and any other right in these services, including industrial distribution under the terms and general conditions of use indicated here.

However, the Website cannot in any way guarantee the proper functioning of the services, nor their operation without hitches or interruptions.


Ba-Hit.com declares that it has no responsibility for the authenticity, reliability or plausibility of the information published on the services, whatever they may be.

No damage can be attributed to the Website or its partners, and they have no responsibility if any damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting from faults, shortcomings, or any other cause of delays in information communication. It is understood that the elements published on the services are only published as information. These elements can in no way be considered as instructions or advice for any person to buy or invest anything. The customer takes it upon himself to use the elements of the services at his own risk only.


Any website that wishes can receive authorization from Ba-Hit.com to publish on its pages one or more links to the address of www.ba-hit.com, the website in question simply needs to make contact beforehand with the webmaster of the Website to comply with article 3 concerning pornographic or illegal websites.

Of course, the link(s) in question will be subject to the current laws. The Website has the right to stop, interrupt or prohibit this or these links at any time, without having to notify anyone beforehand and without having to give information as to the cause of its decision. The website or the person who submitted the link (s) will have two days to remove the link (s) in question.

Mirroring or copying is absolutely forbidden to the customer, moreover any publication of the Ba-Hit.com website by another person under another hypertext link must have express written authorization from the Website before it can be published.


The conditions described in this document are in fact a total license agreement between the parties involved.

Any prior approval, decree, announcement, or contract are automatically canceled and replaced by the present agreement. If anything in the terms and conditions cannot be applied for whatever reason, changes will be made to resolve the issue. As said the general conditions of use are under the French jurisdiction and laws, and any problem will be settled in the courts of the capital.

Any connection to services, to the Internet or to any other online service or network, any cost or request for such a connection are not the responsibility of Ba-Hit.com.

The customer certifies that he has obtained a legal permit to use the services.

If the latter is a private person, he also certifies that he is over the legal age of 18 years. Each paragraph of these general conditions is independent of the others and in no case does the arrangement of the general conditions form a link as between employee and employer, nor as a company, subsidiary, franchise, or any other form of commercial representation