Interior Designer

To buy or rent a home is only the first step towards the dream home that each of us carries in his heart, but too often the buyers ends up totally stumped about the task at hand to decorate and furnish their home to make it look as the image they have in their head. This is where Sophie Sisse comes in as an interior designer with a fabulous artistic taste, creative ideas and boundless imagination, be it modern or old, conventional or eccentric, in fact one can say that infinity is her limit! French established in Israel since several years she has already proved her worth in helping many clients to style, decorate, organize and furnish their apartments, villas, cottages, apartments and other dwellings.

All the customer has to do is give her an idea of what he wants, either by explaining his dream orally in by drawing a picture or a graph of his/her imagined home, showing pictures or giving an outline of what he/she imagines in his/her head. Sophie will do the rest while remaining in constant contact with the customer. Everything is discussed beforehand, everything is dissected and analyzed so that the end result is exactly what the customer wants and the price is within the limits given by the latter.

There are no limits to what Sophie can do and that includes everything, be it the living room, bedrooms or children rooms, bathrooms and toilets, office, kitchen, dining room, garden, cellar, attic and so on. As Sophie is well educated and experienced about decorative art as well as furniture, miscellaneous supplies, flooring, lights and everything else, it’s very easy to work with her because everything is taken into account to achieve the client’s dream for the fairest possible price.

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