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Buy land in Hadera n294

Buying land to invest in Hadera is a fascinating and extremely profitable opportunity.
Commercial Office

Offices for rent in Tel Aviv n. 3004

Great to start your business, this 25 sqm office is located facing the sea in Tel Aviv's Neve…
Commercial Office

Offices for rent in Tel Aviv n. 3003

20-seater offices for rent in Tel Aviv
Commercial Office

Commercial office to rent in Tel Aviv n. 3002

Very large office of 130 m2 with hallway, reception area, several small rooms and one very long…
Commercial Office

Commercial Office (+Franchising Cafe Cafe) to rent in Rishon Letsion n.2002

Sale (franchising) of a working business from the chain of cafes “café café” at the price of NIS…
Commercial Office

Commercial office to rent in Tel Aviv n. 3001

Offices for rent with 18 spaces in Tel Aviv
Commercial Office

Commercial Offices for sale in Tel Aviv n.2001

Very nice three rooms for sale about 87 m2 near the Dizengoff shopping center in Tel Aviv
Commercial Office

Commercial Offices to rent in Tel Aviv

For rent in Ramat HaHayal, in the famous offices district in the northeastern of Tel Aviv, an Open…

High Tech is the future and is in full swing for several years now, the famous Silicon Valley, which is south of San Francisco in Northern California in America, is certainly the most famous place worldwide in the field of high-tech industries, but it is not the only one and many countries have their own Silicon Valley, just under different names. Israel is one of those countries and Tel Aviv and its surroundings are the main places of high technology. Many companies originally located in Silicon Valley, among others Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, SanDisk, Google, Apple Inc. or Playtech and IT Technologies, have already settled in Tel Aviv and many more also want to get set up there because of the success of the High Tech in this part of the world. On the other hand one must not forget the many Israeli start-ups that are multiplying at an incredible rate, quickly becoming worldwide known and which are often purchased for billions of dollars by large companies in the Silicon Valley in America, just think of WhatsApp, Waze as well as dozens of others.

To integrate their companies in this unending bubbling city, societies and private startup owners must first of all find well-placed business premises at reasonable prices; this is one of the reasons why they start looking for such a place even before finalizing their plans. Ba-Hit is a real estate agency with extensive experience in the field of business that provides its customers with a wide variety of premises in different locations.