Update of BA-HIT.COM Website

Ba-Hit is a well-known real estate agency that exists in Israel since many years. Considering that its website has been online for more than 16 years, we decided it was well over time for it to get a makeover.

Our first goal is to make the interface simple, pleasing to the eye and ergonomic, and of course as easy as possible to use.

Everything will be clearly marked and accessible with a single click. At the beginning the website will be in French, English and Hebrew, with the possibility of adding languages thereafter.

The latest technologies will be incorporated into the interface, with the aim of providing our customers with all the necessary options to help them find exactly what they are looking for.

The interface will also include all the best tools available to make the various searches faster and more efficient.

Our visitors expect professional service from us, and that is exactly what we want to provide them. Whether it is finding a certain type of real estate, an apartment, a villa, a commercial space, a plot of land, there are separate pages for everything.

There is even a page for interior decoration, which many visitors are delighted to discover.

One of the most interesting pages is the targeted research page. It allows the visitor to enter all the necessary details to find in the blink of an eye what will suit them best.

In addition to real estate opportunities across the country, the various pages of the site also offer our visitors the latest news. These pages are not only to inform our visitors, but also to help them find the ideal place according to their desires.

These news pages not only cover real estate, but also the various country topics and everything that happens in it. Cities and their diversity, new neighborhoods under construction, new government and laws, details about old and new businesses, start-ups and much more.

When looking for premises, whether for work or housing, it is always imperative to know where to find the best opportunities for work, for children’s school, for synagogues, for transport, even for various shops and shopping malls.

Welcome to our new BA-HIT website!

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